2006/7 PHOTOS

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National Championships Solihull Wednesday 14.11.07  Results
Photos by Nick Hume.

The start line    L Such (HASSRA - 1st)    Diana Kennedy (BERR - 2nd)   S Rudge (HASSRA - 3rd)    Jeremy Bradley (1st) & Lewis Hobbs (SPARTA - 2nd)    The winning GCHQ team

NW Championship Lancaster Uni Tuesday 09.10.07  Results

The start            The field                                    

Caroline Betmead - 1st woman            Michaela Dempsey - 2nd woman            Andrea Smith - 3rd woman            Mark Williams - 1st man            Steve Hallas - 2nd man

Paul Targett - 3rd man            Daresbury Labs - Men's Team            Janet O'Doherty, Michaela Dempsey & Andrea Smith            Paul Targett (3rd), Mark Williams (1st) & Steve Hallas (2nd)            Ashworth Hospital squad

Sir Sefton Brancker/SEAX XC RAF Halton Wednesday 17.01.07  Results
          Natalie White            Women's Squad            Men's squad

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National XC Richmond Park Wednesday 08.11.06  Results
          Officials            Competitors            1st Three Women               Competitors               1st Three Men

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