Dave Evans



CSSC Merit Award


Following 29 years of active involvement with CSSC Athletics, David Evans has received a Merit Award.

Since 1979 Dave has been committed to promoting participation in the sport through his involvement as a committee member of the Civil Service Athletics Association (CSAA) and as team manager and chairman of IRSA/RCSL Athletics.

His success and the quality of his contribution with IRSA/RCSL can be measured in no better way than the long unbroken run of wins, achieved by his teams, in the Queenborough Trophy (awarded to the government department scoring the most points in the CSAA's annual athletics programme).

Under his management, Inland Revenue and now HMRC has accumulated the greatest number ever of consecutive victories and the greatest number of wins overall.

His contribution to the activities of the CSAA has been no less significant. He has been instrumental in using his wide experience to guide and support the committee through the many changes which have affected CSSC athletics over recent years.

CSSC would like to congratulate David on receiving the award.






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