Quick Silver Performance From The CS On The Hottest Day Of The Year!

As the mercury rose on Wednesday 21 June, the hottest day of the year, both the men’s and women’s “A” teams of the London Civil Service produced a quick silver performance to achieve the runner-up spots out of the London Business Houses teams that contested the annual LBH Bridges Relays at Westminster.

The London Civil Service Athletics Team were certainly out in force fielding 12 relay teams with 9 in the Open Category (4 x 2.3 miles) and 3 teams in the Women’s Category (3 x 2.3 miles) plus there were 5 teams entered from the MOD bringing the total of Civil Service teams to 17.
The women’s “A” team consisted of Victoria Carter 15:05, Katie Beckett 14:24 and Natasha Sheel 14:47. The Men’s “A” team opened with England Mounting Running Champion Chris Smith 11:39, followed by Dan Steel 12:57, Kimon Doulis 12:34 and Steve Norris 13:18.

The fastest leg from a the Civil Service women actually came from Felicity Hannon in the women’s “B” team making her Civil Service debut clocking 14:22 on what was a stiflingly hot evening.

The 1st LBH women’s team were JPM in 44:00, 17 seconds ahead of Civil Service A team. Slaughter an May were the 3rd LBH team in 48:17 out of the 12 LBH teams that closed. West 4 were the overall winners out of the 33 women’s teams that closed.

The 1st LBH Open team were Westminster School in 48:32 ahead of Civil Service ”A” in 50:28 with EY 3rd in 50:39 out of 84 LBH teams. Overall the first 3 Open Category places were filled by Cottage Relocated “Cottage 2” in 47:42, Cottage Relocated “Cottage 4” in 47:51 and Cottage Relocated “Cottage 1” in 48:08.

The Civil Service results are shown in the full results.

Thank you to everyone who represented the London Civil Service in the LBH Bridges Relays. I’ll forward the prize vouchers to the men’s and women’s “A” teams when they arrive. Those of you that loaned a Minerva vest for the evening could you return it to me. My office address can be found at the bottom of this report.

Team Results - (Team time, overall place and LBH place)

Civil Service Open A Team 50:28 7th 2nd
Chris Smith 11:39
Dan Steel 12:57
Kimon Doulis 12:34
Steve Norris 13:18

Civil Service Open B Team 59:44 39th 18th
Crispin Allen 13:54
Al Smith 15:08
Richard Hall 15:07
Jeremy West 15:35

Civil Service Open C Team 1:17:35 112th 78th
Ashley Rogers 15:53
Reuben Pullan 21:22
Emily O’Riordan 17:17
John O’Shea 23:03 (Including lapsed time. Actual split time 16:21)

Civil Service Open D Team 58:29 33rd 14th
Joe Garrood 12:59
Mark Holleley 14:10
Matt Barber 15:07
Sumit Dey-Cowdhury 16:13

Civil Service Open E Team 55:54 26th 11th
Max Tollemache 14:15
Malcolm Reid 13:59
Laurie Thraves 14:54
Charlie Ogilvie 12:45

Civil Service Open F Team 1:04:51 70th 39th
Jacob Rose 15:16
Sophie Tomlinson 16:39
Matt Bollington 16:30
Bilal Evans 16:26

Civil Service Open G team 1:02:24 54th 29th
Chris Taylor 15:52
Philip Heald 15:57
Sam Bradley 17:04
Dan Leary 14:32

Civil Service Open H Team 1:04:31 67th 37th
Isaac Hewlings 15:15
Duncan Adams 18:24
Caroline Wedmore 16:20
Dominic Gilchrist 14:32

Civil Service Open I Team 1:19:23 115th 79th
Tahni Rush 23:00
Inga Bellahn 17:10
John Clement 18:59
Neil Pirie 20:11

Total Closing Teams 120 84

Women Teams Overall Place LBH Place

Civil Service Women A 44:16 4th 2nd
Victoria Carter 15:05
Katie Beckett 14:24
Natasha Sheel 14:47

Civil Service Women B 48:18 12th 4th
Ilona Bagi 15:37
Felicity Hannon 14:22
Linda Ingram 18:19

Civil Service Women C 57:09 29th 10th
Karen Haseldine 19:25
Beth O’Connell 19:03
Judith Peterka 18:41

Total Closing Teams 33 12

There were 5 teams entered from the MOD and their team finishing
positions are shown below.

MOD Team Names
MOD Reserves 1:03:57 63rd
MOD Joint 1:04:37 68th
MOD Army 1:07:33 84th
MOD Air 1:10:19 97th
MOD Navy 1:10:24 99th

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