Report From The London Business Houses Bridges Relays 22nd June 2016

"London Civil Service Athletes Bring Home The Medals at The London Business Houses Relays Held at The Millennium Dome 22 June 2016"

Our cross departmental London Area Civil Service road relay teams
upheld the successful reputation of the Civil Service in the London
Business Houses Relays with our men's "A" Team - (Chris Smith 11:08, Joe
Williams 12:38, Dan Steel 12:16 and Tom Aldred 11:29) - finishing 6th
overall from a field of 88 open teams and were placed 3rd from the 67
LBH teams thus winning a set of LBH team bronze medals. The "A" team
clocked 47:30 missing out to Ernst & Young (47:27) for team silver by
just 3 seconds! KPMG were the LBH gold medallists in 46:50. Chris Smith
who ran on the opening leg for the "A" Team was the 2nd fastest man on
the night but the quickest of the LBH entrants to win the individual
LBH gold medal. Our Women's "A" Team - (Ilona Bagi 14:41, Natalie
McClelland 16:31 and Rose Baker 15:06) - were 4th overall just 7 seconds
off 3rd out of 19 women's teams but were placed 1st from the 11 LBH
teams,  retaining their LBH relay title and bagging a set of team gold

The Civil Service Men's "B" Team - (Alex Hobley 12:31, Al Smith 13:19,
Max Tollenmache 13:22 and Jeremy West 14:48) - were very solid clocking
54:00 in 21st place overall, 11th out of the 67 LBH teams. Our mixed
"D" Team - (Joe Elliston 15:15, Sophie Tomlinson 16:07, Matthew
Bollington 16:20 and Bilal Evans 16:20) - held their own with a
creditable 59th place overall, 41st out of the LBH teams. The
"C" team was a composite team with Jamie Trybus being the only Civil
Servant in the team and ran on the 1st and 4th legs clocking 16:23 and
17:23 with well known London veterans Dennis Williams (17:46) an M70
veteran from Hercules Wimbledon and Tom Everitt (21:36) an M80 veteran
from Eaton Manor AC running the 2nd and 3rd legs. The "C" Team placed
81st out of the 88 open teams and 67th of the LBH teams.

In the Women's category the Civil Service women's "B" Team - (Maureen
Noel 16:13, Linda Ingram 18:08 and Tracy Turc-Milloy 20:08) - gave a
decent account of themselves in 13th place out of 19 teams, 5th out
of the 11 LBH teams. The Women's "C" Team - (Nathalie Tamam 22:46, Louisa
Sampson 20:41 and Christine Munden 20:44) - gave their best which all we
ever ask of anyone and finished in 19th place overall and the 11th LBH

Everyone appeared to have enjoyed the event and the switch of course
made for a change of scenery from the traditional bridges route. The
late change of venue from the bridges course at Westminster to the
Assembly League course at the Millennium Dome, Greenwich was due to
ongoing road works on the pavement in Millbank near Vauxhall Bridge.
The course was an out and back route along the river to the turning
point at the Dome. We originally had 7 open teams and 6 women's teams
entered but had quite a number of withdrawals. However we were still
well represented on the night and as usual did not come away empty
handed. There will also be prize vouchers follow which I'll forward
onto our medallists once I receive them. 319 men and 91 women took part
in the relays. Well done to all the Civil Service runners.

The Civil Service results are shown below and the full results can be
seen here.

Open Category 4 x 2.3 Miles
Overall LBH

Civil Service "A" 42:30
6th 3rd
Chris Smith 11:08
Joe Williams 12:38
Dan Steel 12:16
Tom Aldred 11:29

Civil Service "B" 54:00
21th 11th
Alex Hobley 12:31
Al Smith 13:19
Max Tollenmache 13:22
Jeremy West 14:48

Civil Service "C" 73:08
81th 67th
Jamie Trybus (1st run) 16:23
Dennis Williams 17:46
Tom Everitt 21:36
Jamie Trybus (2nd run) 17:23

Civil Service "D" 63:46
59th 41st
Joe Elliston 15:15
Sophie Tomlinson 16:07
Matthew Bollington 16:04
Bilal Evans 16:20

Closing Teams
88 67

Women's Category 3 x 2.3 Miles Overall LBH

Civil Service "A" 46:19
4th 1st
Ilona Bagi 14:41
Natalie McClelland 16:31
Rose Baker 15:06

Civil Service "B" 54:30
13th 5th
Maureen Noel 16:13
Linda Ingram 18:08
Tracy Turc-Milloy 20:08

Civil Service "C" 63:52
19th 11th
Nathalie Tamam 22:46
Louisa Sampson 20:41
Christine Munden 20:44

Closing Teams
19 11

For Information: The Civil Service Track & Field Championships for
seniors and veterans are to be held at Sutton Coldfield on the 10th
August for details please see the CSAA website.
link below.


John O'Shea
Team Manager
London Civil Service Athletics Team


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