London Business Houses Bridges Relays - 21st June

Thank you to everyone who turned up to take part in the in London Business Houses Bridges relays on Thursday evening, especially our 3 fellow civil servants Danny Bailey (ARA) (HO), Rebecca Lambot (HMRC) and Maureen Noel (DEFRA) whom answered Gemma Fabian's CSSC "call to arms" at late notice to fill the vacant places to ensure that all the teams were able to close their scoring. 

Well, what a night we had at the bridges with our women's "A" team finishing in 2nd place behind a very strong Metropolitan Police women's "A" team and then our men's "A" team coming home in 4th place out of 45 open teams but in silver position out of the 25 LBH affiliated teams. It was certainly quite a night to get excited about and great to see so many of the maroon and gold vests of the DTI on show carrying the London Civil Service challenge against the city banks and institutions. The team spirit was high with everyone supporting and cheering on each other they headed off towards Vauxhall Bridge before returning to Westminster to hand over to the next runner. 

Race Highlights

As the minute hand of Big Ben neared 7 p.m., the tension started to build as the first leg runners came into line. The back wall of St. Thomas's hospital was lined with supporters waiting in anticipation for Big Ben to strike. As silence fell, the peel of bells sounded and then there was a deathly agonising silence for several seconds as the tension built still higher before Big Ben finally struck 7 to release the suspense and the crowd erupted with cries of support for the opening leg runners as they charged off towards Vauxhall over the 2.3-mile course.

Diana Kennedy the CSAA 10k silver medallist, deputised for Stephanie Robson on the opening leg who was forced to withdraw at late notice with an injury. Diana (pictured) led the women's "A" team magnificently clocking 14.05 to hand over to Jenny Thomas for the 2nd leg with the team in 3rd place. Jenny backed Diana up with a run of 16.04 to put the team into 2nd place. Maureen Noel from Defra then took over on the anchor running 16.50 to hold 2nd place and bring the London Civil Service (DTI) home in silver position.

The men's "A" team consisted of 4 DTI runners. Jerry Carnell the CSAA 10k M50 gold medallist ran a fine 1st leg in 13.39. Crispin Allen the current DTI 1500m and 3000m gold medallist equalled Jerry's time of 13.39 on the second leg. Milos Dusek held things together on the 3rd leg with 14.31 before handing over to the 4DAs 2005 1500m gold medallist Richard Hall. Richard ran a storming anchor leg with 13.17 to bring the team home as LBH silver medallists. The team were placed 4th out of all the 45 open teams.

Explanation of our men's "A" team LBH silver medal position: The winning open team from Barclays contained two non-affiliated LBH team members which meant that particular Barclays team were only registered for the open competition. The open silver medallists Morgan Stanley chose not to renew their LBH affiliation this year which meant that the London Civil Service (DTI) were placed 2nd out of the 25 LBH teams.

I hope that everyone whom took part whether in the "A" teams or in the reserve teams enjoyed the challenge and the experience of being part of a Civil Service (DTI) team. I will forward the medals onto those concerned when I receive them form the organisers.   

The next LBH event is the 5-mile team and individual road race which takes place in Victoria Park on the 26th July. Start time 7.00 p.m.

John O'Shea
Team Manager
DTI Athletics Team

Tel: 020 7215 1285 






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